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When it came to calendars, those ancient Mayans got a lot of things right. But they also missed a few bits. So TEAM 2012 fills in the whole picture: a batch of hot, sassy Calendar Girls who are all about getting their hands on the purloined clues to what will really happen on 20/12/2012. If they can pull off the investigations and daring raids needed to keep this cosmic lore (and their own bods) out of evil hands, they just might save the world... or at least enjoy the happy ending. And they have no help but a crystal skull that's gotten hooked on stoners, a blond diver who loves dolphins maybe too much, a Black spy working against Obama's Campaign, a redheaded fire dancer, an odd assortment of thugs, priests, and crazos... and time itself.

Remember: It's not the end of the world, just the end of time.

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