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This screenplay sold for the then unheard of price of $400,000 back in 1967 or so. I have seen the movie, but never read it through before now, and I can see why it was such a hot property. First of all, the story is very suspenseful, and the characters are likeable and fun to spend some time with. Going a little further, this is based on actual events and real people, and a major theme of Westerns and American history is evoked here - that of the closing of the wild west and the end of the frontier era. Butch and Sundance are victims as much of the steadily encroaching tide of civilization as much as they are of their poor relationship with law enforcement authorities.

Goldman gives us a picture of two distinct and complementary personalities: Butch, the clever, wisecracking, personable leader; and Sundance, the laconic, ironic, first-rate gunfighter. The story begins as somebody once wrote, at the arc of the curve just before the peak, just before the conflict begins and the story really takes off. Nothing is shown of the early days of the hole-in-the-wall gang, nor Butch and Sundance's meeting or rise to notoriety. Instead the story opens at what could be considered a depressing point: the beginning of the end for our anti-heroes. It is to Goldman's great credit that this becomes the start of an exciting adventure rather than a steady downward plunge. The narrative marches steadily to the inevitable, dark conclusion, but it is still a thrilling ride. The gallows humor of these two affable scoundrels in the face of almost certain destruction comes across less as anarchistic than as a kind of masculine strength, an unwillingness to stop laughing and enjoying life even as its end looms.

Goldman chose an interesting form for this screenplay. He imagined things in very visual terms and included a lot of carefully and expressly written prose descriptions of shots, effects, angles, and edits. It is interesting to read his vision of things - maybe someday I will sit down and compare them with George Roy Hill's actual directing choices.

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