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The last thing Captain Dawson Lang ever wanted on his ship the Drigon was a woman, and now he's stuck with a female medical officer on a mission to a dead planet. She beguiles him and distracts him to the point of madness. Out of sheer frustration, he creates a holo-program in her image so he can carry out his fantasies, even if only in virtual reality. Meredith is fighting a strong attraction to the handsome captain, though having to report to him on a regular basis isn't helping her resolve any. When disaster strikes and the mighty ship falls, she finds her budding romance with the captain growing as danger lurks just out of sight. On the planet's icy surface, a predator unlike any they've ever known stalks them, picking off the crew one by one while they await rescue. They can only pray that help arrives in time! Note: Previously released in 2004, this novel has been extensively revised and expanded.

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Release date 01.01.2006
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