R.L. Adams - Kindle Marketing Ninja Guide - Killer Marketing Strategies for Kindle Book Marketing Success

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An Essential Kindle Marketing Guide

Learn Killer Kindle Marketing Strategies and Promote your Book like a Pro!

Welcome to the world of Kindle Marketing. So you're a self-published author or you're thinking about becoming a self-published author? Congratulations to you. You must be very excited! Now that all your hard work is done you can reap the benefits right? Well, not exactly. Simply ask some other authors and they’ll tell you that the work doesn’t end with simply writing the book, it’s just beginning.

Navigating the Complex Online Book Marketing World

What most authors come to painstakingly realize is that the road to publishing riches is long and hard. It doesn’t end with writing a good book.

To be successful on Amazon today not only must you have a well written book, but you must also have a Kindle marketing self publishing guide that will teach you the strategies and secrets to the online book marketing world. Without understanding these kindle marketing secrets you will be caught with little to no sales.

Learn the Kindle Marketing Ninja Guide’s Secrets

In this book I explore the methods and techniques that can help you soar up Amazon's search engine results pages (SERPs).

Look, book sales are difficult to begin with. Your book is competing with hundreds of thousands if not millions of other books all vying for a customer’s attention. Without staying one step ahead of the curve your book will sit at the bottom of Amazon’s SERPs, slowly withering away.

What you need is to be found in searches on Amazon’s SERPs, and you need to be found on the first page. Now, that’s no small feat and without the expert know-how and understanding that this Kindle marketing guide provides, you will be stuck going nowhere fast.

This book is a no-frills approach to kindle marketing that will help you get ranked fast and start generating revenues from that book that you worked hard and toiled over.

It becomes clear to most authors who struggle with the publishing process that they have no audience unless they create one. By utilizing these kindle marketing secrets you'll learn just how the pros elevate themselves to the top of Amazon's SERPs, create large audiences and begin generating book sales quickly and effectively.

Here’s the Kindle marketing secrets you’ll learn:

How to Conduct Effective Keyword Research

How to Select the Right Categories

How to Craft a Persuasive Book Title

Killer Cover Design Strategies

How to Optimize your Book Description with SEO

How to Secretly Track Visits to your Amazon Book Page

The Secrets to Building & Promoting Content that Ranks

... and more

Don't miss out on this incredibly valuable kindle marketing information. Find out the kindle marketing secrets that will help benefit your book today.

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