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This week we have a story of classical torture given new life in the modern world from Francesco Testoni, followed by Gary Murphy’s tale of a man with an onanistic attitude towards zombies. Then there’s Paul Melhuish with a LARPing event that turns out to be more than a game. And Chuck Borgia introduces us to the nicest child abductor in the US.

In The Days of Mr Thomas, the former prime minister is enduring the land of goodwill. In The Thousand and One Nights, King Hardub hears bad news. In Cut, Carver learns that Sam-I-Am has stepped up the killing spree and has taken on numerous different guises. In The Caves of Mars Grae-don and his companions advance on the Golden City. In The Iron Heel, the shadow of an oligarchy falls across the land. In Crocodile and Leopard, Marcus and his friends reached the edge of a mysterious lake. And in David Malone’s Sidney, something is responsible for the homicides in the city. But what?

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