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I wasn't sure I'd like this book after reading the reviews and though I understand some of the criticism I have a different take on it.

Sir David is a real hero.A man with flaws but a true heart.He is honest with himself.He is not pretty boy handsome and wears many scars, a ruggedly handsome man.Lady Alisoun has learned to control her behavior, her reflexes and emotions.She's almost robotic.It is not explained, or I missed it, how she became this way although there were some hints about receiving affirmation from her parents when she behaved stoically.It was also not explained, or I missed it, how it is she's a widowed virgin.She was a difficult character to love but she was a steadfast friend to many.I felt she did not value herself except as a person fulfilling a duty.I was disappointed in her for not trusting David with her secrets.It was out of character since in every other way she seemed to be courageous at facing difficult situations.

The ending was mellow instead of climatic.He teaches her that love is accepting both the things you like about someone and the things you don't.Love is also about forgiveness.

I liked the journal type writings of the page/squire.He added detail to the story in an entertaining way.King Louis, Sir David's destrier, also supplied much needed humor.

I will remember the characters for quite awhile though I don't know if I'll ever reread it.

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