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Copper Penny Cooper knows all too well how deadly it is being FBI Agent Jeremy Caccione's fiance. Her challenge is to outsmart the devious former lovers while dodging bullets, wild accusations and a pit bull of a detective hell bent on framing her for murder.

Enter Jeremy's partner at the FBI and friend since college, Peter Barrow, and the laughter begins, as he defuses volatile situations with comedic relief. Of course Peter has other attributes worth noting, particularly his insatiable appetite for food and sexual innuendo. Between Jeremy and Peter, you can count on the testosterone level being off the charts at any given moment.

Copper can barely contain her rage when attempted murder charges against Cameron Swayze are dropped, and she is reinstated at the FBI. Jeremy travels to Boston to testify in a Federal trial and his most recent former lover, Gretchen, appears at his hotel with startling news. That and subsequent events send Copper's world spiraling downhill.

Copper's country club, social ladder climbing Mother could give Joan Crawford a run for the money in the role of Mommie Dearest. Her biting commentary of Copper's circumstances serves only to widen their divide. Jeremy's brother, Antony, arrives from England to attend their engagement party and becomes the bain of Copper's existence or in other words, the cactus in her plum pudding.

An Anonymous emailer sends threatening nursery rhymes to Copper and warns her of Jeremy's alleged 'dark side' and the possibility that he had committed murder. It appears 'Anonymous' may also be following Copper since the rhymes are tailored to places where Copper has recently been.

Peter surprises Jeremy and Copper with an unusual and hilarious gift at their engagement party. Copper steps away from the party to accept a phone call from a man she has never met, Michael Callaghan, who may have his own secret to share with her. Their conversation is interrupted when an unexpected guest delivers a very personal gift for Jeremy, sending the festivities in an entirely different direction.

When overwhelmed by the drama in her life, if Copper hasn't fainted you can find her communing with her favorite comfort foods, such as 4.5 servings of an Entennman's Cream Cheese Coffee Cake, or some other similar delicacy. Unfortunately for Copper, comfort food does not stem the tides or stop bullets from flying.

An explosive ending, with debris once again raining down on Copper. Can she survive the firestorm?

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