M.J. Porter - Northman Part 2 (The Earls of Mercia Book 4)

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(Spoiler Alert —- Only read this AFTER you've read Northman Part 1)

Northman, eldest son of Ealdorman Leofwine, husband, father and brother almost snatched a moment of peace when King Swein of Denmark helped himself to the English throne, and Aethelred removed himself to the Court of Duke Richard II of Normandy, his brother by marriage.
But when Swein unexpectedly dies weeks after his coronation, England is once more plunged into strife and war, for who will succeed to the throne now?
Leofwine, ex-enemy and sometime friend of Swein of Denmark, is tasked with an unenviable task on the short-lived King’s deathbed, one he will struggle to accomplish without compromising himself, his family, and oaths already given.
Northman, son of Leofwine, and foster son of Eadric, Ealdorman of Mercia must once more tread carefully as he tries to navigate the twists and turns of the conflicted Witan, and the men who believe that they should rule England, Aethelred the usurped King, Cnut the son of Swein and the sons of Aethelred. But has his luck finally run out?

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