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So, the Prince of Usagi Bunny Prince is a cute, adorable prince named Lucas, from a distance time and place. A mean, nasty prince from a neighboring country demanded that Lucas become his bride. (And no, they did not explain why it was acceptable for a man to be his bride.) He kept chasing Lucas around, until finally Lucas asked a sexy kindly sorceress to "do something." Her idea of "doing something" was to turn him into a stuffed bunny:

and tell him he'll be turned back once he finds the person he was destined for. (Okay, Lucas forgot destiny part and had to be told later, but the author wasn't really fooling anyone with that fake bit of suspense.) After hundreds of years(!) of being passed from owner to owner, and having no one see him (Lucas's spirit is separate from the bunny, but he has no physical form and can't go more than a few yards away from the bunny), Lucas ends up at the doorstep of Aki's house, and...well, I think you can guess how it goes from there.

This story is completely ridiculous, cheesy, and predictable. And I LOVE it. Lucas is totally adorable, and I love how Aki has to cart this little stuffed bunny around with him everywhere. I think my favorite part, though, is when Lucas begs to be taken places and Aki has to tell him all the scary things that could happen to get him to stop whining. So then we get these images of a pitiful little bunny being pecked by a crow, or set on fire. The whole thing is just too cute, though.

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