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This is an unbiased, factual - but certainly not dull - reference book of recreational drugs. Covering everything from ecstacy and marijuana to alcohol and caffeine, this fascinating book provides an expanse of information on the types of recreational drugs that are in existence today. Neither glorifying nor condemning drugs, Drugs: A Directory includes every significant recreational substance available over, or under, the counter today. Separated into clearly identified chapters, each section will cover the types of substances classed within certain descriptive groups to provide a clear and comprehensive reference work for those wishing to learn more. Each entry includes a physical description, discussion of origin, method of using, street name, chemical name, method of use, affect, the likely effects of the drug on the body, brain, and emotions, health risks, physical dependency, psychological dependency, and international law. The listing is set within the context of drug taking, examing the myths about drug use.

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