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The neighborhood is tense and worried: Caleb Devlin is home again. Five years ago he did a heinous crime that the adults won’t talk about, so the kids’ imaginations run wild, and Penny starts to have panic attacks again because of all this. Penny and her brother Teddy are relatively new to the neighborhood, and Penny likes to hang with the guys. Their summer project is to build a summer fort by the creek. But thanks to Caleb being home again, the kids are forbidden to play in the woods or go by the creek. Of course, no one listens to their parents and often sneak out to play in the woods or swim in the creek. When mysterious things start happening around the neighborhood (e.g. pets missing), Caleb is immediately suspected. But Penny knows it could not be him, and struggles to figure out who really is causing all the mischief.

This is a suspense/horror novel—I didn’t want to stop until I got to the end so that I could find out “whodunit.” Using Penny’s newness to the neighborhood was a good device to let the reader feel the action and the intrigue: we always know as much as Penny, thus feel like we’re part of the crowd. Penny is a likable enough character. She’s 13, and confused about many things that young teenagers are confused about. Why does Amy (the 14 year old across the street) not like her anymore? Why can’t she just be one of the guys anymore? Does she really have to wear a bra? I also enjoyed the boys around her, and her relationship with her brother. There are a couple of murders in the book, brief references to sexual feelings (v. little) and some violence (besides the murders). A good, quick read.

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