Elaine Bergstrom - Nocturne (Austra Family, #5)

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Elaine Bergstrom's vampires, if that is what they are, are born into their vampire family. In an earlier book in this series we discover that sometimes the vampires can interbreed with humans, and some of the time the children of those relationships can be turned into full scale vampires themselves.

This book is about the children of a match between a full blood vampire and the turned vampire. They discover that there are other part vampires out there, in Chicago, and that some of them are very close to turning themselves.

The plots of all of Elaine Bergstrom books are complex, filled with both quiet times and periods that are anything but quiet. Most of the time her vampires are peaceful, but push them into a dangerous situation and there is all the violence that you would expect from a race that is born both powerful and who need to survive by drinking the blood of the humans around them.

In a world where paranormal and urban fantasy books have become common I find it odd that Elaine Bergstrom is so little known. I do not believe that any of her books are currently in print. This book, her newest, came and went without me knowing it existed. When I discovered it, I had to buy it used. She truly is one of my favorite paranormal authors.

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