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Mrs. Belloc Lowndes (Adelaide Julie Elizabeth Renee) (1868-1947) who wrote under the pen name Philip Curtin was a British author who wrote The Philosophy of the Marquise (1899), His Most Gracious Majesty King Edward VII (1901), The Prince and Princess of Wales (1902), The Heart of Penelope (1904), Barbara Rebell (1905), The Pulse of Life: A Story of a Passing Life (1908), Studies in Wives (1909), The Uttermost Farthing (1910), When No Man Pursueth (1910), Jane Oglander (1911), Mary Pechell (1912), The Chink in the Armour (1912), The Lodger (1913), Studies in Love and in Terror (1913), The End of Her Honeymoon (1913), Price of Admiralty (1915), Told in Gallant Deeds: A Child's History of the War (1915), Lilla: A Part of Her Life (1916), Good Old Anna (1916), The Red Cross Barge (1916), Love and Hatred (1917), Out of the War? (1918), From Out the Vasty Deep (1921), The Lonely House (1920), What Timmy Did (1921), Why They Married (1923), The Terriford Mystery (1924), Some Men and Women (1925), What Really Happened (1926), The Story of Ivy (1927) and Love's Revenge (1929).

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