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How To Ensure a Financially Secure Marriage

From the Number #1 bestselling author of The 21 Day Debt Revolution comes this exciting new guide to managing money.

Whilst primarily aimed at newlywed couples, this guide can be used by anyone, whether you are about to get married, have just got married or have been married for years, or even if you have no intention of getting married but have made a firm commitment to your partner.

Many newlywed couples are so caught up in the wedding planning stage that they forget about planning the marriage.Sadly this is what often leads to problems and a need for marriage counseling further down the line.

As most people know, the main cause of marriage problems is money.Normally the lack of money.

Debt, loans and excessive credit all lead to pressures being put on a marriage.

You, however are not going to become one of these statistics.

What you have before you is a simple plan that will not only help you and your partner plan your financial future together, but will also teach you often forgotten tactics that will help you get through any problems you may encounter on the way.

How can this book help?
Discover the secrets that successful married couples use without even realising.

Learn how sharing your dreams can completely revolutionise your marriage.

Find out how you can pay for your children’s future education without ever getting into debt.

Set goals that will take you and your partner further than you ever thought possible.

Discover the one topic you can never discuss with your partner.

Learn how to set your children up for financial success.

Discover the two words you should never use when discussing important topics with your spouse.

You don’t need tips on frugal living.

You don’t need to live a frugal life.

You don’t need a restrictive budget.

You simply need love and a solid plan.

About the Author:
Jonathan Alexander Scott’s newest book covers so much more than just the basic fiscal truths of budgeting and debt.He has written a book that links your dreams to your goals and your goals to your money.When these things are joined together in a framework of love and affection you will build a marriage that is strong, secure and that will last the test of time.
Jonathan Alexander Scott has been married for almost fifteen years and has learnt through experience how to build a strong marriage. This wasn’t easy and now he wants nothing less than for you to give your marriage a strong, firm foundation which will prevent you from suffering the heartache that marriage problems cause.

Your relationship is a beautiful precious gift that, when nurtured and cared for, will be a blessing for generations to come.

Invest a little in your relationship now and you will reap the enormous benefits of having a debt free and financially secure marriage.

You deserve this.

Your love deserves this.

Build your marriage on a Firm Financial Foundation and thrive!

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