Joe Craig - Top 10 Tips for Ethical Living and Good Citizenship

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Unlike other animals, which are born with strong instincts, we humans must learn how to live sociallyand we learn from the people around us. As a result, were closely linked to the community were raised in. Our daily lives and identities are affected by the common experiences shared with the people in our community. We learn the communitys values, history, and rules. When we become part of a community, it becomes part of us. Citizenship is the state of being an active, engaged, and productive member of a community. As citizens, we get certain rights, but also certain responsibilities. To be good citizens, we must live up to these responsibilities. Thats because we share our future with the other individuals in our community. Our actions affect them, and theirs affect us. A community can only grow and flourish through time if good citizens do their best to improve it. We all have a sense of right and wrong, but we dont always follow our better judgmentsgood citizens must also live ethically, or morally. Whenever we decide not to live ethically, we risk hurting the people around us and ourselves. Being a good citizen has immediate rewards. Ethical living and good citizenship can improve your academic and social success, your happiness and quality of life, and your future prospects for professional success. By being good citizens and living ethically, we encourage others to do the same. This book provides ten tips on how to be a good citizen and live ethicallyethics 101, consider the consequences of your actions, be a good neighbor, take every opportunity to make friends, be respectful, obey the law, know and stand up for your rights, know your rights, stay informed, and get involved. The book also provides reasons why readers should care, and how they will benefit their community a

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