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I really enjoyed this book. This had all the elements of a good old bodice ripper. The hero is an alpha bad ass. There is some actual dress ripping. I like how the heroine is no shrinking violet. Beth the heroine, has claws. Also, I like how Shirlee gets into the hero's head a bit as he fights his attraction and feelings for Beth. I think Shirlee Busbee really does her homework when writing her historicals. She writes well-developed characters and great story lines. There were a few things that happened I consider implausible. I enjoyed this book so much however, I give this a 5. Maybe I'll feel like writing a longer review later. This one was hard to put down for me. There's some infidelity here and this novel is not politically correct. I just love it when I find a novel that is not politically correct (snicker) (snicker).
The slut word is thrown around, there is bodice ripping hotness, and some pretty violent scenes. Add some Comanches, villains and there you have it.I get so tired of authors being so scared to offend, that they water down their stories. So when I find one like this even though parts are cheesy, trashy, I just eat it up.

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