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On 13 April 1929, an illegitimate son is born to Eve Alice Maud and John Victor Wardson. The boy's name - one not likely to be forgotten by Police or criminals in the back alleys of London and the prisons of England - is Frederick John Wardson, alias the Fox.
From that spring day on, young Frederick is a force to be reckoned with. his humble beginnings launch him into a life of petty crime and 'getting by' on the black market, a life that entangles Wardson with the likes of Morrie the yid, Frankie the ferret, short time Lou and Willie the ponce.
Swooped under the street-wise wing of a raucous villain called Nora, Frederick learns the ropes of staying alive and looking clean, keeping a low profile and making a buck in whichever way he can. His most important lessons include loyalty and revenge, while he prides himself on his cunning, patience and his art of deception.
In this remarkable trip back in time, author Jack Jackson whisks us to the seedier side of London that not many know and even fewer recall!
Through a careful devotion to the London street language of the period and timely artefacts such as Wolseley's and Austin's, Revenge of the Fox magnificently deposits us right into the heart of deception and tomfoolery, to a world where 'spielers' and 'drumming' are a way of life, a time when villains could be vicious.................

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