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This book is unique because it is a biography of Harriet Tubman as a young child, but with her given name of Minty. It describes her struggles as a child slave on a plantation, how much she wants to be free, and her attempts at escaping. This book is relatable to elementary students because Minty is around their age, and it would help students understand why Harriet had such a passion for helping free other slaves. This book could best be used in fifth grade, when discussing slaves and what their lives were really like. The book is realistic on the punishment slaves (even children slaves) would face if they ran away, and the language and descriptions are not appropriate for young children. With fifth graders, this book could be read during/after they have learned about Harriet Tubman, and I can see an aha moment happening with students after finding out that Minty is really Harriet Tubman.

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